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  • Lasers for PT: Healing at the Speed of Light

    Two laser experts take the mystery out of low level laser therapy. Listen to this podcast and learn how to use this technology to provide effective results, and understand which specs are important in making the right laser purchase.

  • Custom Built In America

    All PHS Therapeutics Tables are proudly engineered, custom made and built in America
    from US and globally sourced components.

  • Athletic Edge

    The Athletic Edge partners with athletic programs nationwide to plan and build locker rooms, training areas and rehabilitation settings designed to make a statement, inspiring your athletes, alumni, donors and visitors.

  • (LAST) Leg and Shoulder Therapy Table

    Functional exercise, in particular, is where the LAST table shines. The flexible design allows for a full range of motion of the legs and arms on one or both sides of the table, enabling patients to not only build strength, but build it so that they can accomplish the daily tasks they are accustomed to.

  • Testimonials

    We like to think that our tables, tools and accessories are pretty unique. We’re glad you agree. Here’s just a sample of the feedback we receive every day from clients just like you about how a PHS Therapeutics device has made a difference in their practice.

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